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11 Jun 2024

We celebrated our internal talent with an awards ceremony


OryxAlign celebrated its staff at an internal awards ceremony, while launching the company’s new financial year business plan.

The ceremony rewarded excellence across the company through a staff-led voting system. This year’s event took place on April 19 at Everyman Cinema Broadgate in London and gathered members from the London headquarters and the Philippines office.

The staff awards are an annual event at OryxAlign, launched by Carl Henriksen, our CEO and founder. The inspiration for the ceremony came from the desire to praise everyone working hard to contribute to the company’s success. As the company developed from a handful of employees in one office to a large team spread across four offices, the awards became ingrained in the company’s culture of recognising dedication.

The awards are voted on by the staff to increase involvement and promote a fair and democratic voting process. They are designed so that everyone in the company has the opportunity to win. The voting opens six weeks in advance with a list of categories for each department and additional achievements. For example, the award for The Platform Engineer of the Year is open only to the platform engineers of the company, while the award for the Employee of the Year is open to anyone in the business.

We work really hard throughout the year and the awards are a great opportunity for our employees to relax and feel valued for their work. We noticed an increased motivation among our staff to do their best by feeling appreciated both by the management team and their colleagues.

On top of recognising excellence within the company, the event included a presentation of the business plan for the upcoming financial year. In 2024, we want to achieve Level Four service and accelerate our ITIL management capability. We also want to strengthen our EVP and improve our employee experience by ensuring everyone has a clear career path and development plan. Ultimately, we want to harness the benefits of AL and embrace automation across the company.

As companies get bigger and develop, they tend to lose their culture and values. we strive to maintain a culture of recognition and inclusion. We want our employees to feel appreciated and supported. Our open-floor office also means that the management team and senior staff are always accessible and eager to help everyone.

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Helen Peckham

By Helen Peckham