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23 Jul 2022

One tree at a time: how OryxAlign, Ecologi and our clients are helping us help the planet…

As the effects of climate change dominate the news and start to affect our daily lives, it’s clear that businesses worldwide should maximise their green credentials and reduce their carbon footprints wherever possible. OryxAlign embraces sustainability, and as a leading MSP, we recognise the importance of our role as a business in our customer’s infrastructure and in the partnerships we adopt.

Our most recent response to this imperative? A thriving partnership with Ecologi, a business that is dedicated to sustaining and protecting the planet we call home. So, as we remember World Environment Day on 5th June, how does an established MSP provider work with a climate solutions organisation to help bring about necessary change?

Supporting Earth’s critical infrastructure

Internally, we pride ourselves on constantly striving to find new ways that our employees and company can reduce our carbon footprint. This search led us to Ecologi. Ecologi partners with both individuals and businesses to encourage climate-positive thinking by giving back to our environment. One of the ways they achieve this is the simplest, most effective way possible: planting trees.

Encouragingly, every new tree that’s planted eliminates 25kg of harmful CO2 every year. Ecologi has so far planted a small forest on behalf of OryxAlign. But it’s not just us making this incredible contribution – the credit goes to our customers.

Every time we implement a well-designed infrastructure into a company, provide an excellent consultation on how to achieve successful digital transformation or get a gold star on our Service Desk for delivering an excellent user experience, we will plant a tree. This helps us focus on providing only the highest quality services whilst giving back to the planet. It also automatically lets us know which areas need improvement. It’s a win-win; we continue to raise our performance levels AND reverse climate change simultaneously.

The Results

We can safely say providing ongoing service improvements to our clients is working for everyone. Through our partnership with Ecologi, nearly 450 trees have been planted by OryxAlign – and that number is increasing daily.

And we’re planting where the trees are needed most, in de-forested areas from Madagascar to Uganda and Kenya. Because we believe MSP should also stand for ‘making a sustainable planet’.

If you’re interested in following our planet-changing progress, take a look at our Ecologi page 

Graham Smith

By Graham Smith