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6 Oct 2023

Our ESG journey - just the beginning


OryxAlign has always been a company that invests in the environment and sustainability through various initiatives such as our Ecologi forest and actively measuring our carbon footprint. Beyond this, each employee can use their volunteering days for charitable fundraising or to help the local community. 

Our people are our greatest asset; supporting them through well-being initiatives and creating an environment where employees can be their best aligns with our company values. 

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria have gained significant traction in business in recent years. ESG refers to standards that measure a company's performance and impact on environmental, social, and governance issues. While investors and stakeholders initially embraced ESG for its potential financial returns, its benefits extend beyond profitability. So, I wanted to provide an overview of why OryxAlign decided to get involved in ESG.

One of the critical elements of ESG is the social aspect

This encompasses employment practices, employee relations, and human rights. Companies prioritising ESG often invest in improving working conditions and providing a safe and healthy work environment. At OryxAlign, we listen to our employees through surveys such as Best Companies and, more recently, Vitality's Britain's Healthiest Workplace survey. Using this data helps us to focus on what's essential to our people. Such practices directly benefit our employees by enhancing their physical and mental well-being by providing initiatives that meet their needs.

ESG practices foster a sense of purpose among employees by aligning corporate values with their personal values. We want our employees to feel we are committed to sustainable practices, social responsibility and ethical behaviour, which will help them feel more engaged and motivated towards our business and ESG goals. On the upside, increased engagement leads to higher productivity, better job satisfaction and reduces our turnover rates.

Employee development and sustainability

When it comes to employee development, OryxAlign is committed to prioritising employee training and development programs. By investing in our people, we provide opportunities for employees to acquire new skills, enhance their expertise, and stay relevant in a rapidly changing technical world. Such investments benefit individual employees and contribute to our organisation's growth and competitiveness.

Our ESG practices encourage us to adopt innovative environmental and social challenge solutions. By involving our employees in sustainability initiatives, we tap into their creativity, problem-solving abilities and fresh perspectives. This collaborative approach fosters a culture of innovation, empowering employees to contribute to meaningful change and driving our success.

In today's competitive talent market, potential employees seek to work for companies aligning with their values. ESG practices allow us to establish a strong employer brand as a socially responsible and sustainable employer. This reputation helps attract top talent, who are more likely to choose employers that demonstrate a commitment to ESG principles.  

Employee loyalty and retention

ESG practices play a crucial role in employee loyalty and retention. When employees are proud of their company's ESG initiatives and feel that their work positively impacts society, they are more likely to stay with the company for the long term. ESG-driven companies enjoy higher employee loyalty, reducing turnover costs and ensuring continuity and stability within the workforce.

By prioritising sustainability, social responsibility and good governance, we are more likely to enjoy a positive public image and solid corporate reputation that will attract new clients and enhance employee pride and confidence in OryxAlign.  ESG practices promote transparency and accountability, which only strengthen relationships with all our stakeholders. Being a responsible and ethical business helps contribute to the stability and long-term success, providing job security for our people.

To sum up, ESG practices offer numerous employee benefits beyond financial incentives. By prioritising environmental sustainability, social responsibility and good governance at OryxAlign, we create a positive work environment that enhances employee well-being. There's so much we've already achieved, and there's a lot more we want to do.

Helen Peckham

By Helen Peckham