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16 Nov 2022

OryxAlign confirmed as a great place to work in 2022

We are now recognised by Best Companies as an ‘outstanding place to work’ with a coveted 2-star accreditation.

In 2021, we were very proud to announce our Best Companies accreditation, following our first engagement survey with Best Companies. After undertaking the survey in October 2022, we are proud to again have made another significant improvement in achievement!

Best Companies is a nationally recognised organisation measuring employee engagement in the workplace.  Achieving the accreditation is a testament to living our core values of caring, supporting, striving, trusting and enjoying and the accreditation demonstrates that we take everything to do with our people very seriously.

This is a major milestone achievement for OryxAlign and demonstrates our resolve to take action on team feedback. Our focus on leadership, management, personal growth, well-being and giving back, provides an understanding of what it takes to motivate and drive engagement. Making that long term commitment to our people has definitely paid off.


Best Companies 2022 2 star rating - outstanding


“I am personally very proud of our achievement.  It showcases us as an employer of choice and an outstanding place to work. The journey does not stop here, we still have much to do to further ensure all our people are engaged and enjoying working with us.

As the Head of HR for OryxAlign, my purpose is to create the environment that enables our people to be their best, through personal growth and development but equally importantly ensuring that their wellbeing is being taken care of, especially in current times.”

– Helen Peckham, Head of HR 



The hard work starts when you begin to unpack the feedback and pay attention to where you need focus your efforts to make the best improvements.  What OryxAlign has done over the last year to improve engagement is a testament to how serious we are about investing in our people, protecting the environment, and supporting charities.

Our committed and fabulous employees are our most important asset, and we will continue to invest our time in maintaining and improving our workplace as a positive environment where our people can be the best.


“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; our people are our greatest asset – always have been, and always will be. To have been awarded a 2-star accreditation by Best Companies is a clear demonstration of our commitment to our people and, importantly, their commitment to OryxAlign.

Delivering tech services in what is a demanding industry is not easy, and we don’t always get it right, but standing by our people, ensuring they are supported, fulfilled, happy and enjoying the journey is key for me. I am very proud indeed of this collective achievement. #onwards”

– Carl Henriksen, CEO



By OryxAlign